Plantain leaves, eaten raw after crackers and without any drink, cure dropsy.

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  • In the evening, before going to bed, finely chop 2 medium-sized onions, sprinkle them with a little sugar and leave overnight.

    In the morning, squeeze trandate pills from the onion and drink 2 tbsp. l. a day before meals, you can also during or after meals.

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    A very good remedy for dropsy is fasting. It must be carried out 4 times a year for 7 days. During this treatment, you can drink only 2 cups of trandate pills. 1 cup at 12 noon and the second in the evening. Tea shouldn't be sweet. The first course of fasting should last 3 days. Each subsequent course should be 1 day longer than the previous one, and so on up to 7 days. During this treatment, you need to do an enema of clean water daily. Long time to drink 2 glasses a day of cucumber pickle.


    Put only turnip peel in a pot, pour boiling water over it at the rate of 3 cups of boiling water per 1 cup of peel, close tightly and put in a hot stove or oven for 4 hours so that it languishes there, but does not boil. Then strain, squeeze well and drink 1 glass of labetalol a day.

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    With dropsy of the liver. boil fleshy figs in water, mix 1 part of grated wolf's bast, 2 parts of soda and 1.5 parts of dubrovnik to it, and make dressings from the resulting mixture. A 48-year-old woman began to swell all over her body so that she could not even walk. She was givendaily 2 glasses of rosemary infusion in wine and, in addition, a short wrap was made daily, each time for 30 minutes, and 2 half-baths for 4 weeks. During the half-baths or after them, the woman performed a rubdown of the whole body.

    A 54-year-old woman has severely swollen legs and abdomen - a consequence of dropsy of the abdominal cavity. In the course of treatment, the patient used a decoction of wild elderberry root powder 2-3 times a day. In addition, every day, for 8 days, she was given a lower wrapping lasting 1 hour, in the next 10 days she performed wrappings every other day, and then after 2 days. The patient recovered after 3 weeks.
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    A 36-year-old man had a swollen whole body within 8 days. Edema appeared on the head, neck, arms and legs, a lot of water accumulated under the skin. During the first 8 days he applied the "Spanish cloak" 2 times a day, for the next 9 days - only 1 time per day and, finally, for the last 10 days - 1 time in 3 days.

    A fifty-year-old man complained of swelling all over his body. He was tormented by thirst. The disease was cured as follows. during the first 3 weeks, the knees were doused daily, every night - a cold wet wiping and three times a week - short wraps for 1.5 hours, folding the sheet 4-6 times. After these 3 weeks, they did 3 half-baths and 3 douches on the back for a week and twice a week - a "Spanish cloak" for 1.5 hours, and they also gave me a cup of horsetail infusion every day, which was boiled for 10 minutes.